Stronger sense of personal identity and school identity
During the project we organised 3 Smarweeks 

Tavistock 11-15 April 2016

The Aim of the competition is to give students the possibility to participate in a hands- on, exciting and inspirational technological project. 

Hudiksvall 27-31 March 2017

BP’s evaluation. HUDDIG’s collaboration with Broman wihin TeknikCollege. Sustainability and BP

Lithuania19-23 March 2018

Use of ICT linked to science to solve real-world problems

SMART Weeks are to generate:

Stronger sense of identity of a scientist, Mathematician, Engineer and the like as well as pride in school identity; Stronger sense of belonging to one’s school, but also to the bigger spectrum of Europe and the global community of learners; Stronger bonds with partners and their countries, respect and understanding of each other’s conditions; Gained awareness from working actively will bring about better and more strategic planning at each school and faculty; in addition to all other work packages where these topics will be embedded, there will also be a a work package for each of the following in the Digital Guide (sharing how each partner works with): formative assessment, teachers learning from teachers, formative assessment, sustainability; A developed scheme for formative assessment in all partner schools.