3rd Smartweek: Alytus - March 2018

Use of ICT linked to science to solve real-world problems

Our Experience

Our trip to Alitus was full of activities. We visited the country, we enjoyed the locals and we attended very interesting classes at the ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences, ICT Faculty and the Regional Technology Park:  each partner institution gave a lesson (students and teachers) + lesson evaluation (only project partners); and presentations were made in the Assembly hall to the wider audience (teachers of gymansiums and schools, town administrators, etc.)

Other activities

Our staying in Alytus included to know the country, the locals, the culture and their activities in the spare time.

Cultural Experience

 Visit to Dzū kija National Park.

Water pool in Birštonas SPA Eglė

 Visit to Birštonas SPA Eglė  (rehabilitation functional analysis equipment)

Life with locals

 Water pool in the Centre of Sports and Recreation http://asrc.lt