Science, Maths and Relevant Technology

Developing basic and transversal skills in all fields fo education. Creating thematic lessons for European Collaboration.

Strengthening the profile of the teaching professions.

Strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation


SMART weeks: Stronger sense of personal identity and school identity Stronger sense of belonging Stronger bonds with partners and their countries, respect and understanding of conditions Gained awareness from working actively have resulted in better and more strategic planning at each school’s faculties

Multiplier Events


Broman Multiplier Event


Work Packages

A Work Package* on this site is a breakdown of project work that partners have done within the realm of the project. We share these packages as we believe they are useful for others. 

*A work package can be described as a group of related tasks within a project. They may look a bit like projects themselves. These packages can be used independently by a school that want to develop a certain area of their teaching to enhance student learning, e g numeracy, literacy or applied (real-world) learning. They could be regarded as sub-projects within a larger project, easy to apply . 

Real World Learning

Visits to CERN. Better school results as teachers will gain new knowledge and be inspired, which will rub off on students. Excellent links to work life and state-of-the-Art real life research of Science, especially Physics, Maths and Technology, all very relevant.